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Often churches are moved to museums, torn down, or renovated for other purposes. Others are left to waste away. The above photos were sent to me by Janice Thoreson & I edited them together. The bell is all that remains of this church today.

St. Petri Lutheran. Click here for more pictures.

Church in Arena, ND (St. John's Lutheran)

Hurricane Lake Lutheran
Located in Pierce County.  No one is even maintaining the cemetery. 

This building used to be First Lutheran Church. It is located in the Northeastern section of Kittson County, Minnesota.

Hoflanda Lutheran

Built in 1888, closed in 1937. This church is being kept in excellent shape for having closed over 70 years ago.
In Mower Cty, MN. Take I-90 exit 187 and go south.

This Methodist church built in 1857 is all that remains of the town of Rice Lake, MN. When the railroad decided to go elsewhere, the town died.  The church has been restored since I last visited. 

These two churches were moved to be part of museums. The top one is Hallson Icelandic Church (org. 1886, built 1897, donated to the park in 1994) that used to stand just north of Highway 5 where the town of Hallson used to be. It now stands at Icelandic State Park west of Cavalier.
The bottom one is across the street at the Pembina County Museum. It is St. Anthony's Catholic originally of Bathgate (built around 1882). It was still in use as of 1997.

Wolf Butte Lutheran Church

This church is definitely abandoned! There were birds living inside. The year 1924 was etched in the wall.
Directions: In Adams County. Go north on the road right across from Bacyrus and US 12.

This cemetery is located in Ramsey County, ND. Sometimes there's a plaque describing the church's history.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

This is in Cavalier County south of Union, ND. Often the bell from the church will be placed in the cemetery.

Garfield Lutheran Marker

This sits in the Garfield Cemetery just south of Edinburg.

Hafslo was a Norwegian church org. in 1887 & built in 1888. Closed in 1978. (Polk County)

Another bell placed in the cemetery. I found two cemeteries with this type of monument in Polk County. Froen (aka Aas) (1886-1970) & Cross Lake (1885-1983).

One might think that this church has also closed, but in fact it's been moved into town (McIntosh).