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Altar paintings from various churches.  Many are the same scene, but there are slight variations between these duplicates.

Sigdal Lutheran (Nelson)

Betania Lutheran (Bottineau)

Big Pembina Lutheran (Cavalier)

Park Center Lutheran (Walsh)

Vang Lutheran (Walsh)

Rodnes Lutheran (Polk)

Bethania (Marshall)

West Prairie (Griggs)

Hitterdal Lutheran (Walsh)

St. Petri (Barnes)

Seljord (Clearwater)

Odalen Lutheran (Walsh)

Hvideso (Walsh)

South Trinity (Walsh)

Bethelem Lutheran (Mountrail)

Grace Lutheran (Richland)

Zion Lutheran (Polk)

Rindal Lutheran (Marshall)

Zion Lutheran (Burleigh)

Hoff Lutheran (Walsh)

Bethel Lutheran (Williams)

Swedish Zion (Bottineau)

Vang Lutheran (Dunn)

Grue Lutheran (Traill)

Big Woods Lutheran (Marshall)

Peters Lutheran (Pembina)

St. John Lutheran (Bottineau)

Trinity Lutheran (Divide)

Bethlehem Lutheran (Mountrail)

Sims Lutheran (Morton)

St. Petri (Norman County, MN)

Zion (Richland)