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Aal Lutheran Church
4 miles south of ND 200 on Cty 10

Gran Lutheran Church

5 miles east and 2 miles south of Mayville

Grue Lutheran Church
5.5 miles east of I-29 exit 118 (Buxton) then 1.5 mi north
Info here

Highland Lutheran Church
3.5 miles east of I-29 exit 118 (Buxton) then 3.5 miles south

Norway Lutheran Church
2.5 miles west of I-29 on ND 200, then 1.5 miles south

Ringsaker Lutheran Church
East of I-29 at Buxton exit 118 to Cty 2, then north to Belmont Park
Info here

Salem Lutheran Church
I-29 exit 118 (Buxton) head east to Cty 2, church is on the corner

Stordahl Lutheran Church
3 miles east and 1 mile north of Galesburg on Cty 1