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Bottineau Cty has sporadic road labeling and if there is a street number it's usually only on one of the highways. 

Betania Lutheran Church

Bethel Lutheran Church

Emmanual Lutheran Brethren Church
The sign says 1907-1985, but another source says the church was built in 1905 and closed in 1995.
Located north of ND 5 on ND 14.

Inherred Lutheran Church
Located on Sjule Road south of ND 43. 

Lesje Lutheran Church

Mouse River Lutheran Church
Located south of ND 5 on 7th Ave NW.  Organized in 1892 and built in 1905.  Rural Newburg.   

St. John Lutheran Church

Salem Lutheran Church
Located on ND 43.  Sign in front says built in 1914 and moved in 1939.  Closed in 1972. 

Swedish Zion Lutheran Church

Turtle Mountain Lutheran Church
Located west of ND 14 on 104 St NE(2 miles south of ND 43).  The church says 1907 on it.  No longer active.   

Zion Lutheran Church
Go straight north of Landa on 9th Ave NW.  2 miles N of Cty 6 then 1/2 east.  Org. around 1910.  Closed in 1917(ND's "oldest closed church").