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These will be mostly from the southern part of MN. They won't include as much info because unlike the northern part of the state, these churches aren't really struggling with declining enrollment. Also, they tend to be locked so I can't photograph the interior.

Blue Mound Wayside Chapel

Built in 1963. North of Luverne on U.S. 75

Elstad Lutheran

Henrytown Lutheran
Org. in 1870. (ELCA)
Directions: Fillmore Cty. 21 north of Canton

Highview Christiania Lutheran
Org. in 1859. (ELCA)
Directions: S. on Dakota Cty 23 to Cty 80, then S on Highview Ave.

Houston Stone Lutheran
Org. in 1855 by Rev. V. Koren. Built 1863-66. Now has seasonal services. Oldest Lutheran church in MN.
Directions: East of Houston on MN 16, then S on MN 76.

Moland Lutheran
Org. in 1877. (ELCA)
Directions: East of Medford on Cty 12, then N on Cty. 10

Poplar Grove Lutheran
Located in Roseau County.  Go one mile east of MN 32 on Cty 8, then south on 210th Ave. 

Root Prairie Lutheran
Org. 1856. (ELCA)
Directions: Corner of Fillmore Ctys. 6 & 11. NE of Fountain.

Saetersdal Lutheran
Org. 1864. (ELCA)
Directions: West of Harmony on Cty. 44, then S on Cty. 30

St. Petri Lutheran (Strand Township)
Located in Norman County.  East of Gary on Cty 19.

State Line United Methodist
Org. 1881.
Directions: On MN/IA border Hwy 139.

Sundal Lutheran
Located in Norman County, east of MN 32 on Cty 7

Telemarken Lutheran Church

Org. in 1905 and built around 1920.
Directions: In Pennington County. Go east of Thief River Falls on MN 1 to south on cty. 22, then east on cty. 61.