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Gullingsrud Family History

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As I view the family trees of others on Ancestry and various geneaology websites, it is frustrating to see how many of them are just copied from someone else without bothering to make sure the information is correct.  This tree has been thoroughly researched with sources to back up just about every piece of information.  If an item has no source, it will say so next to it. 

My original source of information was a book put together by Rana Capistran (daughter of Andrew Gullingsrud).  I was able to use her information to find and expand on other members of the family.        

All information on Norwegian births, deaths and marriages comes from the website

All information about births and deaths in Minnesota comes from the Minnesota Historical Society.  This is either the birth index: the death index: or by me actually visiting the MNHS and viewing the certificates in person to gather additional information. 

All information on marriages in Minnesota comes from the Minnesota Official Marriage System:

Information on deaths in North Dakota is found at:

Burial information is found here:

Births, marriages and deaths in Washington are found at:

Early Idaho marriages and deaths can be found at:

Information on Norman County, MN at:


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