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Date and place of birth: 12 Feb 1852 in Tromso, Norway
Date and place of death: 15 Oct 1926 in Elk River, Clearwater, ID
Name of first spouse: Elisa (Lizzie) Eastwald  
Marriage date and place: 8 Nov 1877 in Amboy, MN
Name of second spouse: Carrie Gullingsrud
Marriage date and place: 5 Dec 1885 in Norman County, MN
Names of parents: Torger Olsen and Bertha Sevaldsdatter
Immigration information: arrived around 1860
Places the person lived: ID, MN;
Where the person "fits" in our family tree: husband of Carrie Gullingsrud


Cleopatra Elizabeth Anna Ostvald

Alata Torgerson Beaty (1881 - 1973)
Elmer Torgerson (1883-1919)


Carrie Gullingsrud Torgerson (1862-1943)


Clara Torgerson Sneath (1886-1965)

Selma Torgerson Welch (1888-1973)

Lizzie Torgerson Roberts (1889-1976)

Albert Torgerson (1891-1891)

George Torgerson (1892-1987)

Carrie Torgerson (1894-1894)

Caroline Torgerson (1895-1897)

Isabelle Torgerson (1897-1897)

Oscar Torgerson (1898-1964)

Minnie Torgerson Guy (1901-1956)

Raymond Torgerson (1903-1938)

Gifford Torgerson (1905-1996)

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