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Date and place of birth: 9 Jun 1896 in Norman County, MN
Date and place of death: 23 Jun 1972 in Detroit Lakes, Becker, MN
Name of first spouse: Cora Brevik
Marriage date and place: 21 Mar 1922 in Norman County, MN
Name of second spouse: Deanta Bjorgo Haugen
Marriage date and place: 8 Oct 1932 in Moorhead, Clay, MN
U.S. military service record: US Army WWI
Places the person lived: Norman County, MN; Becker County, MN
Where the person "fits" in our family tree: seventh child of Herbrand and Andrea Gullingsrud


Herbrand Gullingsrud (1857-1929)

Andrea Flaskerud Gullingsrud (1863-1943)


Cora Brevik Gullingsrud (1894-1931)


Herbert Gullingsrud (1922-1972)


Deanta Bjorgo Haugen Gullingsrud (1893-1971)

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