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Gullingsrud Family History

John Gullingsrud
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Date and place of birth: 5 Jul 1880 in Beloit, Rock, WI
Date and place of death: 16 Sep 1957 in Thief River Falls, Pennington, MN
Name of first spouse: Marie Nord
Marriage date and place: 4 May 1904 in Thief River Falls, MN
Name of second spouse: Maymie Isabelle Anderson
Marriage date and place: 1 Jul 1926 in Pennington County, MN
Places the person lived: Rock County, WI; Norman County, MN; Pennington County, MN
Where the person "fits" in our family tree: Second child of Thomas and Kari Gullingsrud


Thomas Gullingsrud (1852-1934)

Kari Sanden Gullingsrud (1855-1923)


Marie Nord Gullingsrud (1885-1925)


Tien Gullingsrud (1908-1975)

Bertha Gullingsrud (1909-1925)

Evelyn Gullingsrud (1914-1928)

James Gullingsrud (from what I understand, he changed his name at some point)


Maymie Anderson Gullingsrud (1902-2001)


Marilyn Fairbanks Podbreger (1927-2009)

John Gullingsrud (1930-2001)

Carlyn Stadum (1933-2013)

Thomas Gullingsrud (1935-1936)

Helen Barstad (1937-2018)

Donald Wayne Gullingsrud (13 Nov 1939-11 Jan 2019)

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