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Most of these I found online, and some have been sent to me by distant relatives.  I'd love to post any photos that people are willing to share!  (All of Kari & Oles' children are shown below except Elling & Ole/Margit.  Haven't found any photos of them yet unfortunately)       

Ole T. Gullingsrud
This photo was in the book put together by Rana Capistran

Kari Ellingsdatter Gullingsrud
This photo was in the book put together by Rana Capistran

Indrelee Photo - Fertile, MN - Erick & Karen (Eeg) Gullingsrud

Erick and Karen Gullingsrud wedding

Ole and Carrie Torgerson

Carrie & Ole Torgerson

Andrew and Julia Gullingsrud wedding??
This photo wasn't labeled, but it looks like them.  If anyone knows if this is a wrong ID, please let me know (or can confirm it is them)

Erick Gullingsrud family (1938)

Olaf Gullingsrud family (1940)
L->R: Alvin, Elmer, Henry, Theodore, Oliver, Clara.  Jennie & Olaf in front

Steiner and Gunhild Hellerud family

Herbrand Gullingsrud family

Thomas Gullingsrud family

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