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Gullingsrud Family History

Tillie Haug Gullingsrud Barta
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Date and place of birth: 13 Sep 1901 in Polk County, MN
Date and place of death: 15 Sep 1985 in Marion County, OR
Name of first spouse: Oliver Gullingsrud
Marriage date and place: 2 Aug 1920 in Polk County, MN
Name of second spouse: Cyril Barta
Marriage date and place: 21 Jun 1964 in Polk County, MN
Names of parents: Herbrand and Anna Haug
Places the person lived: MN; ND; OR
Where the person "fits" in our family tree: wife of Oliver Gullingsrud


Oliver Gullingsrud (1891-1950)


Alice Gullingsrud Margaris Sparks (1921-2009)

Juliet Gullingsrud (1922-1940)

Opal Gullingsrud Mullen (1924-2008)

Orville Gullingsrud (1927-1999)

Melvin Gullingsrud (1928-1989)

Jerome Gullingsrud
Joan Gullingsrud Billadeau

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