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Hello! In the fall of 2006 I began to photograph as many country churches in North Dakota & Northwestern Minnesota as I could find. Many of these have closed or are struggling with declining area populations.
Apr 2013 update: I'm not sure when I'll get back up to ND.  Counties like Cass & Grand Forks wouldn't be too difficult to conquer if I took the time to drive up there, but the others are further away and it's harder to find somewhere to stay overnight.  So for now this will have to stay the way it is.  I'm not really checking to see if churches have closed either so my info may be incorrect/outdated.  Thanks for visiting and hopefully what churches I do have on here provide a nice sample of rural places of worship.     

Unless stated otherwise, the information about each church is all I have. I am not able to provide anything else out about them.

Cavalier County:

Aspelund, Big Pembina, Fjalla, Goldberg, Nore Numedahl, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (at Olga), St. Stephans

Pembina County:

Peters, Pioneer, St. John's, St. Pauls, Vidalin

Walsh County:

Aadalen, Adolphus, Hitterdal, Hoff, Hvideso, North Trinity, Odalen, Park Center, Pleasant Valley, Quale, St. Catherines of Lomice, St. Joseph's Chapel, St. Peter, St. Stanislaus (at Warsaw), Sts. Peter & Paul (Bechyne), Sarepta, South Trinity, Vang, Zion

Barnes County:

North Marion, St. Mary's, St. Petri, Waldheim

Bottineau County:

Betania, Bethel, Emmanual, Inherred, Lesje, Mouse River, St. John, Salem, Swedish, Turtle Mountain, Zion

Burke County:

Bethlehem, Scandia, Short Creek, South St. Olaf, Tonset

Burleigh County:

Alta, Glencoe, John's Lake, Sunne, Zion

Divide County:

Bethlehem, East Writing Rock, Glenwood, Opdahl, Our Saviors, Troy/Peace, Rudser, Skabo, Trinity, Twin Butte, Writing Rock, Zion

Griggs County:

Eidfjord, Ness, Ottawa, Ringsaker, Saron, Union, West Prairie, Zion (Clearfield Township), Zion/Westley (Sverdrup Towship)

Morton County:

Rural Union, St. Vincent's, Sims, Stone

Mountrail County:

Bethany, Bethlehem (Crane Creek Twnshp), Bethlehem (Crowfoot Twnshp), Norman

Richland County:

Clearwater County:

Barrie, Gol, Grace, Helendale, Homestead, United, Viking, West Prairie, Zion Lutheran, Zion Methodist

East Zion, Emmanuel, Faith Bible, Oak Park, Our Savior's, Seljord, Zion

Steele County:

Bang, Beaver Creek, Goose River, Hofva, Little Forks, Ostervold, Perry, Sheyenne Valley

Traill County:

Aal, Gran, Grue, Highland, Norway, Ringsaker, Salem, Stordahl

Williams County:

Bethel, Bethesda, Faith, Moon Creek (Hauge), Our Saviors, St. Olaf, Scandia, Scandia Valley, Trinity

Kittson County:

East Emmaus, Holy Rosary, Red River, St. Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox, Skjeberg, Teien Covenant

Marshall County:

Alma Baptist, Alma Lutheran, Bethania, Bethlehem of Agder Township, Bethlehem of New Solum, Bigwoods, Emmauel (Ringbo), Hegland, Immanuel of Radium, Immanuel of Vega Township, Oak Park, Our Saviors of Thief Lake, Rindal, St. John the Baptist, St. Petri, Salem, Satersdal, Silver Creek, Zion

Polk County:

Bethany (Esther Township), Bethany (Johnson Township), Bethlehem, Broderheim, Bygland, Gosen, Holy Trinity, Kongsvinger, Maple Lake, Melo, Poplar Lake, Rodnes, St. Paul's, St. Peter, Salem, Sand Hill (Sletten Township), Sand Hill (Vineland Township), Saron, Scandia, Trinity, Union Lake, Varnes, Vernes, Zion

Miscellaneous churches (ND):

Deapolis Chapel (Mercer); Hjerdal (McHenry); Hope/Stone (Grant); Immanuel (Benson); Island Lake (Rolette); James River (Foster); Kvernes (Foster); Neuburg Congregational (Hettinger); North Prairie (Towner); Our Lady of Lourdes (Stark); Our Saviors (Ward); Preston (Ransom); St. Jerome (Benson); St. Joseph's (Grant); St. Olaf (Benson); St. Pokrova/Korsun (Dunn); Sheyenne (Nelson); Sigdal (Nelson); Vang (Dunn); Zion (Hettinger)

Churches shown on the "closed" page:

North Dakota: St. Petri (Kidder); Arena church (Burleigh); Hurricane Lake (Pierce); Hallson (Pembina); St. Anthony (Pembina); Wolf Butte (Adams)
Minnesota: Hoflanda (Mower); Rice Lake (Dodge); First Lutheran (Kittson)

What's New?

12/30/06- started website
1/8/07- finished Walsh & Kittson County
2/20/07- Added Polk & Northern Clearwater Ctys.
6/30/07- Check out the new summer photos for many of the Walsh, Pembina & Cavalier county churches.
7/23/07- Part of Richland County added (& a couple Barnes Cty- most of their churches are gone)
9/11/08- Added many churches from Bottineau, Burleigh & Morton Counties as well as a few others. 
8/3/2009- Added churches from Divide & Williams Counties
7/20/2011- Added some of the churches from Traill, Steele & Griggs